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Class of 2025 Small Business Fair

On April 27th the class of 2025 hosted a Youth Small Business Expo at UDC. 

The event was both a fundraiser for the class of 2025 but also a way to support student run small businesses throughout Walls. The event was largely successful in its goals yet the grade looks to continue fundraising and improve events in the future. 

According to Ms. Pace the Class of 2025 counselor Students had to pay “$30 for the space and then whatever money they made was their money”.

 For many of the vendors this led to be a worthy investment. Junior Jasmin Goodwin had a stand selling crochet animals, scrunchies, and wallets. When asked about the event she said  “it was a successful turnout. I had a lot of fun networking and meeting [students from] other small businesses.” 

The day was more than a networking opportunity though. For some, it was a critical business opportunity. Junior Rafi Fox who sold prints of his photographs throughout the day commented that he found the fair to be a successful way to help sustain his business. 

Although for individual businesses the event went well, one area of struggle was the event’s ability to reach the class of 2025’s goal of fostering school spirit. Fox noted that “the focus is more on the students and their business rather than the school itself.”

Furthermore, turnout of Walls students at the fair was relatively low. Instead, the majority of patrons were passersby, especially those associated with UDC.  

Ms. Pace frustratedly shared that “We never have people who show up to support.” This lack of turnout, she said, risks jeopardizing the ability of the class of 2025 to hold future similar events (to support both the class and individual students) in the long term. 

Despite challenges in student turnout, in the short term, students and faculty alike are hoping to host similar events just with more success.

Goodwin, hoping to encourage her fellow students to attend and support similar future events explained that “As a small business going to events like that are key.” Goodwin and many of her entrepreneurial classmates are hoping that their grade takes the initiative to support their peers’ businesses. 

Given the interest from student business owners for a repeat event, it’s likely we’ll see one some time in the 2024-25 school year. Ms Pace stated that “The students want to do it again and we have the space so we’ll probably do it again in the future.”

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