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Stage Band Shifts from Class to Club But Remains True to Its Mission

Stage Band performs at the Winter Concert on Dec. 18 / Credits: David Sipos

Every morning, Walls hallways reverberate with the harmonies of various instruments — guitars, trumpets, violins — pouring out of room 211, the meeting place for the Stage Band. Established in 2007 and having performed all over the world, Stage Band is one of SWW’s most accomplished clubs. They meet daily at 7:30 to rehearse, and while they play all genres of music, their repertoire primarily consists of rock, R&B and pop. 

The Stage Band has a variety of performances throughout the year, including annual performances at Spring and Winter concerts. Most recently, it performed in the Winter Concert on Dec. 14, alongside the SWW Jazz Band, Orchestra, and Choir. Last year, the club performed at GW and the prestigious Kennedy Center. 

Stage Band gives performers the opportunity to practice their passion and play music they love. Trumpet player Xavier Miller (‘25), recalled that he “really enjoyed” performing Aerosmith’s song “Dream On.”

Since the establishment of the Stage Band in 2007, it has gone through all sorts of changes. This year, the Stage Band made a dramatic change, switching from a class to a club. Christopher Alberts, the Stage Band club sponsor and former Stage Band teacher, described this change as “a source of disappointment” because it undermined the effort of the students and made participation less rewarding. Students no longer earn academic credit, despite the intense time commitment required for participation in the band. 

Miller (‘25) said that the Stage Band is now “a lot more independent” because students have more flexibility in practicing and coming to club meetings. He explained that with that flexibility, members must have a certain level of accountability. Members keep each other “in check” — everyone needs to make it to the early morning meetings and practice individually in order to stay on track for their next performance.

Despite the adjustments that have been made this year to the Stage Band, it has still remained successful. It performed at the 2023 National Ribbon Ceremony, a celebration held to demonstrate the beauty and significance of education. Stage Band’s performance stood as a testament to the dedication of its members and to the importance of the musical arts. This event is one of the many that the Stage Band has performed at. In past years they have demonstrated their talents globally, performing in foreign countries such as Brazil and China. 

Mr. Alberts recognized these achievements and praised his students for their accomplishments. “As a music teacher, [I am] deeply proud of my students' hard work, dedication and commitment to both music and each other,” he said.  

The Stage Band meets daily in room 211 and will accept auditions for the 2024-25 school year in June.

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