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What Do Jackson-Reed Students Think of Walls?

Jackson-Reed High School, located in Tenleytown / Credits: Adam Chilbert

Jackson-Reed. The recently-christened name inspires fear, hostility, annoyance, and perhaps a twinge of admiration into the hearts of most Walls students. This inter-scholastic rivalry has been a widespread source of friendly competition for countless years. At least, that’s how it appears to us from within our Foggy Bottom bubble. As it happens, students from Jackson-Reed do not necessarily view us as a rival the way we think they do. We asked Jackson-Reed students what they thought of our school.

(Disclaimer: Responses are all in good fun)

Admittedly, our sports rivalry with Jackson-Reed may be a bit one-sided. According to its own students, Jackson-Reed is rivals with Sidwell and St. Johns, not us. The only question left to ask is, do Sidwell and St. Johns know that?


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