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  • Matilde Martinez-Schott

Behind the Camera: the Walls Film Team

Film Team Meets at 8:20 on Thursdays in room 27. / Credits: Sarah Frances Jones

The start of the school year means “Action!” for the School Without Walls Film Team.

Stepping into Room 27 Thursday mornings should be a nice surprise for any film enthusiast. The film-team will be discussing their favorite movies and making plans for future film projects while they sip a cup of tea. Anyone who shares a passion for movies — either behind or in front of the camera — is more than welcome.

The Film Team is often busy making individual short films, group films, or participating in workshops to learn more about their craft. In past years the team has done imitation projects, studying specific filmmakers and creating a film based on the style of the director. Film Team member Ginger von Klein said, “my freshman or sophomore year … we imitated Martin Scorsese, it was really, really fun.” The team also participates in film festivals such as the All American High School Film Festival (AAHSFF).

The AAHSFF takes place from October 20-22 in New York City. It allows for students to work together within their club and come up with a film based on a given prompt. The festival is a chance for Film Team members to contribute their skills to a common project, learn more about film, and develop their abilities. A city-wide film festival, held by the film team, is in the works as part of a fundraising effort to cover the cost of a trip to New York to attend the AAHSFF festival.

The Film Team is not just about making movies, but about being part of a community that values creativity and art. The club sponsor, Jason Bulluck said, “it’s neat to see folks engaging in filmmaking and videography as a process.” The film team allows students to be part of a group process and work together to learn the ropes of filmmaking while still having fun with peers.

At the end of the day, to join the club, determination is all that is needed. von Klein notes, “You just have to want to be there is the biggest thing. If you have any interest in film and have something to contribute, you should join.”


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