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  • Josie McCartney and Tillie Freed

The Rookery’s Ins and Outs, Spring 2024 Edition

In: Instagram reels

Out: TikTok

In: Sitting outside for lunch

Out: Sitting in Marvin or Western

In: Not committing crimes

Out: Shoplifting from CVS

In: Big 10

Out: Ivy League

In: Advisory bonding

Out: Advisory teams meetings

In: Walls school spirit

Out: Wearing college merch

In: Citing AI sources

Out: Using ChatGPT to write your essays

In: Mock AP testing

Out: SAT testing

In: Consistent sleep schedule

Out: Panera charged lemonade In: Andy’s Pizza Out: Roaming Rooster

In: Committed relationships

Out: Situationships

In: Getting to school at 8:50

Out: Sitting in the Commons for an hour in the mornings

In: Pretending you go to GW to get free stuff

Out: Bothering actual GW students


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