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The Best and Worst Walls Classrooms

Room 201 (ranked #1)

Room 404 (ranked #10) / Credits: Tess Buckley

Despite its name, students at School Without Walls are fortunate enough to have real walls that enclose their learning spaces. The rooms range in temperature, decoration, size, ambience and much more that make them all distinct. So, how do these classrooms rank? Below is a ranked list of 10 classrooms at Walls (1 is the best, 10 is the worst).

#1: Room 201 (Mr. Mungai and Mr. Koplowitz)

This math classroom has large windows that let in a lot of light, offering great views of the bustling GW campus and long deli lines. The spacious room is furnished with comfortable chairs and sturdy desks. It is conveniently located near a restroom and can be reached by climbing a single flight of stairs, pushing Room 201 to the number one spot.

#2: Room 124 (Mr. Webster and Ms. Philip)

The high ceilings and many windows make this math classroom feel open and create a productive learning environment. Room 124 is very close to both school entrances, which makes it convenient if you’re running late to school. Behind the large and heavy door, 124 is a bright and spacious classroom, perfect for mathematicians to learn!

#3: Room 27 (Mr. Bulluck)

The cozy couches and unique table configuration in this room create a very relaxed environment. Room 27 is well-suited for chilling out, taking pictures with your friends, and hanging with Mr. Bulluck.

#4: Room 322 (Ms. Blessing)

There isn’t anything too special about this room. It’s not too big or small nor too hot or cold. Aside from the great view of the terrace, Room 322 is a regular classroom that definitely deserves to be right above the middle of this ranking.

#5: Room 327 (Ms. Jimeno and Mr. Mifdal)

Although the classroom itself is quite nice, there is one issue with this language room: the mystery odor. It is unclear if this stench comes from the air vents or the hallway, but if Ms. Jimeno didn’t spray air freshener throughout the day, the smell would be unbearable.

#6: Room 14 (Ms. Piper and Mr. Klawender)

Despite the mysterious gas leak, the lack of windows and the lack of natural light, this science classroom has high lab tables and chairs, which are always fun. The smartboard is not entirely reliable, but it’s easy for students to turn to the back of the class and use the whiteboard when necessary. The new chairs were a shock to many and are very uncomfortable, especially for taller people. However, even when the rest of the school feels too hot or too cold, this classroom is at the perfect temperature to listen to lectures and conduct labs.

#7: Room 324 (Mr. Ackerman and Ms. Brinley)

Make sure to bundle up for a history or Latin class, because room 324 is absolutely freezing. It is a very personalized room with maps and posters relating to European and Roman history, and lush plants line the window sills, but it’s hard to learn in room 324 when your fingers are starting to go numb.

#8: Commons A, B and C

Everyone has spent a little bit too much time in the infamous Commons, the home of gym class, theater, internship and anything else that has been sent sub-less and adrift when a teacher is out sick. You’re lucky if you have a class there during periods 1 or 2, because after lunch, there’s food and trash everywhere. Also, the wind in Commons B is extremely strong, so hold on to all loose papers. Although the Commons can be a convenient spot to hang out, it’s nearly always too loud and chaotic to get any real work or studying done.

#9: Room 111 (Mr. Willoughby)

Room 111 has no windows or outside light. It feels like you’re learning in a large box. Also, it’s very isolated from the rest of the school. Even when the fire alarm rings, you can’t really hear it. On top of that, Room 111 has the middle school chairs that are connected to small, flimsy, and unstable desks. So, if you like learning in rooms that are quite similar to large stuffy boxes, maybe you should take Bach to Rap.

#10: Room 404

This “classroom” is the least favorite of many Walls students. It is on the fourth floor, right next to the library, and does not belong to a designated teacher or subject. Its unfinished, multicolored walls and crowded floorspace have led many to wonder if it was really meant to be a classroom. Room 404 is hot, stuffy and cramped, and it takes way too much effort to get to.

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