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  • Gabriella Goldberg

Stage Band Performs at Kennedy Center

Guitarist Malcolm Douglas (‘23) and the brass section performing at the Kennedy Center May 19 Credits: @volleydc via Instagram

The School Without Walls stage band had a special performance at the Kennedy Center on May 19. This comes just before the last show of the year, the Spring Concert. It was also the last performance before auditions for next year’s stage band, which took place on May 24.

Usually, the stage band splits its stage time with the orchestra. However, this performance gave the band the stage all to themselves. They had a full hour to show off their setlist, where they performed thirteen songs, the most they have ever performed in one concert.

This performance marked the end of an era of Kennedy Center performances for Jordyn Hurry (‘23), a percussionist who specializes in vibraphones and who will be graduating this year. She described the excitement of playing at such a prestigious concert hall: “The Kennedy Center is definitely an experience [because] you are playing in such a grand facility.”

Located in the Kennedy Center’s Grand Foyer, The Millennium Stage is a unique venue in that it allows early-comers to evening shows to join the audience, along with the usual crowd of Walls students, parents and faculty. These unaffiliated music lovers and theater-goers added to the excitement of the performance.

“Our section leader, Danielle, got asked by a random person if we perform in [professional] gigs,” Hurry said, reflecting the caliber of the band’s performance.

Hurry described the performance as “a complete success.”

She explained her philosophy as a longtime member of the stage band: “Go with the flow and try to have fun. If you aren’t having fun then the audience can tell you are not having fun and it will detract from the overall experience, both from performing and watching the performance.”

For Hurry, stage band is meant to be exciting for both the performers and the audience. As a senior, she just wanted to enjoy one of her last performances as a member of stage band.

For the spring concert, the stage band hopes to be able to perform without sheet music or microphone stands. This will allow for a more visually appealing show, as well as give the singers more flexibility on the stage. It also takes things up a notch, as all members would need to memorize their pieces. After the large crowd that attended this performance, the stage band hopes that the Walls community will continue to be just as supportive.


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