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  • Leah Levy

Spring Fling Fashion Review

Credits: Leah Levy

School Without Walls held this year’s Spring Fling on Apr. 28 at Eastern Market. Starting at 7 pm, Walls students and their guests entered the Springtime in Paris venue. Everyone was dressed to their best, and there were certainly many outfits worthy of the unofficial, student-run @fashionofwalls Instagram page.

“Springtime in Paris,” this year’s theme, was well-executed by many. Classic and silk dresses were very popular and created an effortless and expensive feel reminiscent of Parisian fashion styles. Jewelry, such as pearl necklaces and earrings, further elevated these looks. Some brought small handbags and clutches, mirroring the small designer bags that are trendy, everyday accessories in Paris. While not everyone followed the theme, there were certainly many chic outfits that would blend in during the Springtime in Paris!

Many dressed in accordance with other popular trends. For example, the mini-dress was the most popular dress style, similar to many dresses worn at homecoming. Most of these were tight, but some wore flowy, summery dresses. Floral patterns and solid pastel colors also featured prominently, continuing a recent trend. As for the two-piece ensembles, most decided to pair dress pants with a collared shirt.

One trend that seems as if it is here to stay is sneakers. Even those dressed in their fanciest attire opted for a pair of platform sneakers or tennis shoes over heels or dress shoes. Elise Rundlet (‘24) paired a flowy lavender dress with white sneakers. While dress shoes and heels may be more elegant, a pair of sneakers was certainly more popular, not to mention more comfortable.

As usual, there were some particularly unique and eye-catching outfits. Senora Akoma (‘25) styled a gold sequin dress with strappy shoes. The few who wore floor-length dresses stood out in a sea of mini-dresses. A small number wore suits, some of them with fun patterns on the blazer or the tie. To be sure, Walls Penguins are very fashionable.


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