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  • Tess Buckley and Gabriel Kraemer

One Last Note

Somehow, the year is already nearly finished, and our brief reign over The Rookery is coming to an end! It’s difficult to say goodbye to something that we’ve become so invested in. Nevertheless, we know the paper means just as much to next year’s editors-in-chief, David Sipos (‘24) and Sara Weinrod (‘24), and our incoming managing editor, Josie McCartney (‘24); we’re confident they’ll do almost as good a job as we did.

We can’t possibly acknowledge all the people who made The Rookery great this year, but we’ll try our best: Thank you to our puzzle editor, Emmett Brosowsky (‘23), for building the many crosswords that — let’s be honest — were the primary reason most students bothered to pick up a paper every month; to our digital editor, Layla Rethy (‘25), for reinventing and painstakingly maintaining our much-improved website all year; to our entire editorial team for all its hard work behind the scenes getting each issue to print; and, of course, to all our writers, whose reporting is what The Rookery is all about.

We also want to thank the Walls Home and School Association for generously funding The Rookery, allowing us to print seven issues (including expanded ones in March and May). Finally, thank you to Mr. Ghazi, our faculty sponsor; we will always be grateful for his constant support and confidence in us this year.

To our readers — we greatly appreciate you taking the time to look through our pages each month. If you’re interested in contributing to The Rookery — as a writer, photographer or anything else — please don’t hesitate to join David, Sara and the rest of our team in making the paper better than ever next year.

To The Rookery and everyone involved in this incredible institution: Good luck and farewell!

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