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New Year’s Resolutions

Whether it be a personal improvement, additional routine, or academic goal, many students are striving for self-improvement this year. Here are some of those students’ New Year’s resolutions:

“My New Year’s resolution is…”

“…to try to reduce plastic waste, cut down on dairy consumption, think things through more, and be kind to others. - Dahlia Anderson (‘27)

“… to #1 to submit my assignments on time, #2 is when making a decision to go through with it and try not to have any regrets, and #3 is to expand my music taste.” - Yeselyn Iraheta (‘27)

“…to stop procrastinating my work.” - Willa McCartney (‘26)

… to bring pencils to school. All of the fall of last year and that semester I just never brought pencils to school I always relied on people to bring pencils to school but as we get deeper into the school year people are bringing fewer pencils to school because they’re running out so it’s time for me to step up my own game because I can’t keep relying on other people and so far I’ve stuck to it, brought pencils to school, like ⅘ days a week. It’s going well. - Brady Woodhouse (‘25)

… to take vitamin D and my anxiety medication. - Carlotta Rother (‘25)

“… to stretch to avoid injury because I don’t want to be like an old woman in my twenties.”- Gabi Goldberg (‘25)

… to keep my plants alive. I want to read a book a month. I want to drink more water. I want to meditate weekly, and I want to not be stressed. - Charlotte Mendelson (‘25)

“… to get more team records on my swim team, and to sleep at least six hours a night because currently I’m at four, and that’s not very good. And also to stop getting hurt.” - 

Ava Goins (‘25)

“… to sleep more, I want to stop procrastinating, and I want to lock in for college apps.” - 

Stefan Bumbaugh (‘25)

“… to go to sleep earlier and be more on time for things!”  - Maia Riggs (‘25)

“… to get more sleep, practice more violin, and play less video games.” - Lucy Byron (‘25)

“… to get better at music, including playing the piano and singing. I want to read more often and get better at saving my money.” - Sonja Talwani (‘25)

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