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  • Jennifer Nehrer

New Teacher Spotlight: Bouchaib Mifdal

After two uncertain months of school, School Without Walls can finally welcome one of two incoming French teachers: Bouchaib Mifdal. Mr. Mifdal, who started at SWW on November 8th, grew up in Morocco where he taught French, English as a Second Language (ESL), and English as a Foreign Language (EFL). After moving to the United States, Mr. Mifdal also taught French to students in North Carolina before coming to SWW.

During his time at SWW, Mr. Mifdal will be teaching AP French, French IV, and French I, as well as supervising two Senior Project classes. He is “very excited to be part of the teaching team at SWW,” and looks forward to “support[ing] students' learning of French and enhanc[ing] their skills.”


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