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  • Riley Gayle

Juniors Discuss Preparing for the SAT

On March 1, along with thousands of high school students across the country, juniors at School Without Walls took the SAT. The SAT is often considered one of the most important tests in high school, though many colleges now don’t require SAT scores for the application process.

For many juniors this was their first time taking the SAT, which led to nervousness. Lily Turcotte-Keen (‘24) said, “It was pretty nerve-racking — it’s a lot of pressure knowing how the SATaffects college admissions, and impacts your application in test-required schools. But once it was over, it was a relief.” She added that “it’s also nice to know that you can take it again if you’re unhappy with your score.”

At School Without Walls, students are given the chance to take SAT Prep as an elective with math teacher John Mungai. This class helps students prepare for the exam with practice tests and lessons. Lilly Menuiti (‘24) said the class “was helpful and a good elective.”

There are other resources that can help students prepare for the SAT such as Khan Academy. Students are able to sync their previous test scores with Khan Academy, where the program will then provide them with practice problems that are specific to what they need to work on based on past SAT performance.

Turcotte-Keen used Khan Academy and found it effective. She said, “Practice tests were the most important and helpful study tool…I studied every day for half an hour in the months prior [to the test].”

Still, some students did not feel prepared for the SAT. Bryna Ha (‘24) said, “I didn’t get to finish a lot of questions because I was very unprepared for the timing of things.”

Chamiya Carnathan (‘24) had a similar experience. “I did not feel prepared because I did not study at all,” she said. “I guessed for like half the questions.”

Many juniors said they were going to study more for a future test. In addition to the March test, DCPS provides a test in October of senior year. Students can also pay the College Board to take the SAT on select Saturdays throughout the year.

Carnathan said she hoped to take advantage of these opportunities. “I want to take it again in June, so I’m going to study now to prepare for it,” she said.

Turcotte-Keen agreed. “This was my first time taking the SAT,” she said. “But it won’t be my last. I wasn’t completely confident in my performance, but I won’t really know until I get my score back. Regardless, I will be retaking it before my senior year starts.


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