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  • Layla Rethy

Club Fair Returns in 2022

Julius Cohen promoting the Flightless Bird Squad at the Club Fair Sept. 14 / Credits: Layla Rethy

Rows of clubs crowded on the lunch tables. “Join our club!” yelled from left and right. Swamps of students wandering the Commons.

This is the scene that greeted students entering Walls’ annual Club Fair, held on Sept. 14 during advisory for club leaders to showcase their clubs and gain members. Many students look forward to joining clubs and leaving the Commons with a handful of candy. Each year, club representatives enthusiastically and passionately recruit club members.

Carmen Couts, a freshman, thought it was a positive experience for everyone, and she enjoyed visiting the different stands. “The Club Fair was a good way to branch out to see the entire school,” she said. “I enjoyed the rush of excitement when the various clubs tried to recruit new members."

Couts also said, “The Club Fair was a good way for the students to practice their public speaking skills in a large setting. Also, I think it was good for the students signing up to practice making their own decisions.”

While the chaos was fun for some, not everyone felt the same way. Sasha Bryer-Gottesman, a transferred sophomore, was overwhelmed by the compactness of the club stands and felt that it limited her experience.“I think they should give us a map of where all the clubs are and have them stationed up and down the hallways, instead of in the Commons, which can get chaotic and disorganized,” she said.

Whether you ran a stand at the fair or just enjoyed your time browsing around, the Club Fair was an opportunity for students to get involved in the school community and allowed everyone to find exciting extracurriculars.


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