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  • Ryanne Barstow

An Exclusive Interview With the Students Behind @FashionofWalls

Credits: @FashionofWalls / Instagram

In the past few years, Walls has seen a rise in social media accounts for every conceivable topic. Sports, clubs, and confession accounts have taken the student body by storm, but one of the most prominent is @FashionofWalls, an Instagram account focused on “finding the most fashionable students at Walls.”

Created in 2019, the account has garnered over 400 followers, making it one of the largest school-focused social media accounts run by Walls students.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

Why do you choose to be anonymous?

Fashionista 1: It’s just the tradition, so we decided to continue it. It also adds an element of surprise when we ask people to take pictures of their outfits.

How do you decide that someone’s outfit is fashionable enough to be photographed?

Fashionista 1: I take pictures of what stands out — things that aren’t usually worn, but look good. I want posts to be representative of what Penguins actually wear.

Fashionista 2: It’s less about being “fashionable enough.” I look for interesting outfits that stand out and demonstrate personal style.

Your account hosts a weekly competition in which students vote on their favorite outfits. What inspired you to start the competition?

Fashionista 1: I wanted to reinvent the account. Now people can vote on what they deem to be fashion rather than having it told to them. And more people have the chance to be featured!

How do you avoid bias towards picking your friends?

Fashionista 1: I stand outside during lunch and after school to try and spot fashionable outfits and widen the variety of people that I feature.

Fashionista 2: I try to focus on the entire student body. I want to represent all grades, specifically underclassmen, since seniors don’t see them very often.

If you could give the entire student body of Walls one piece of fashion advice, what would you say?

Fashionista 1: Wear what makes you feel confident.

Fashionista 2: Wear outfits you are comfortable in. An outfit might be trendy, but it might not make you feel good. Stay true to yourself!

What is your favorite part about running @FashionofWalls?

Fashionista 1: I really enjoy the weekly competition. I love seeing people strive to wear their best fits because they know that they have a chance of being featured. I also love seeing their faces when they’re surprised that we asked them to be featured, and their friends get super excited too.

Fashionista 2: My favorite part is capturing how the whole student body dresses. It’s not just what I deem as fashionable, but how people represent their own individual style.


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